"KAWAL: Soldier of the People" followsRicky Valiente, a poor family man living in the slums of the Philippines. It is the near future and the government has used its power to oppress the poor and help the rich get richer. There is no more middle class. You're either part of the slums or you're part of the tech-happy elite.

Ricky spends his days collecting recyclables, picking up odd jobs here and there, and sometimes even begging. It's not the prettiest of lives, but his wife,
Janette, and his son, Anthony, are the only things in his life that make him smile. Ricky has a huge, pure heart and knows that the only way to end the people's suffering is to attack the source head-on.

One fateful night, after having to endure being wrongfully chased by the police, Ricky steps out into the moonlit night to clear his head. He's walking past trash heaps, beggars, and all kinds of poor reminders of the environment he's surrounded by. He doesn't realize that he's been watched by 
Mayari, the Philippine Goddess of the Moon. She feels how much he yearns to make a difference and chooses him as her champion. Ricky spots a weird light sent by Mayari and follows it into a clearing. He keeps watching and slowly passes out. When he awakes, he's imbued with the power of the moon!

He's no longer afraid. He immediately knows he has a job to do and the power to do it. He'll fight for his people. 
He isKawal, Soldier of the People!